One Simple Step

The origin story

Clean beauty breathed life into Audre Leigh. It is also the lifeblood of a beauty regimen based on natural, botanical formulations — saying no to chemicals and synthetics, while emphasizing an eco-conscious awareness towards ingredients and packaging, It truly is minimalism at its finest.

My appreciation for clean beauty started early in life. I struggled with skin sensitivities, my relationship with skincare being influenced by such culprits as seasonal breakouts, hormones — and over time — aging skin. I started out with generic moisturizers, graduated to serious skincare and finally landed on a well-known skincare line that I loyally followed for over a decade. Even in the early days of my skincare regimen, my choices were based on botanical, ‘natural ingredients’ — reading the ingredients on packages rather than simply being guided by marketing jargon was a turning point which inevitably led me to a deeper understanding of cleaner beauty, and the eventual creation of Audre Leigh.

Making the switch

Avocado toast, probiotics and gut health aside, Audre Leigh is built upon taking the next step to a more natural approach to your skincare. Have you been thinking about making the clean beauty switch?

Glowing healthy skin — using pure, organic ingredients means your skin is absorbing only what it should, and doesn’t have to contend with the synthetics and silicones that offer nothing but short term effects and potentially long term issues.

Reduce skin irritations — eradicating fragrances, synthetics and chemicals from your skincare will obviously reduce any reactions you may be having to them. Synthetic perfumes and chemically enhanced ingredients are known to irritate skin, and although they can have a pleasant scent, they offer literally no benefits.

Maintain clear complexion — balancing your skin with the right skincare products is easier when you are using ingredients that are designed exactly for that purpose. Your skin need not be clogged with unnecessary toxins and chemicals.

Cruelty-free & Eco-friendly — our world is changing, and we are more conscious than ever of the impact we are having on the environment around us. Vegan materials, minimalist packaging and a consciousness for what we leave behind is a enormous part of what Audre Leigh is all about.

Start here

If fears of skin reactions are preventing you from switching over to a more natural beauty regimen, start with one product and slowly transition your skin away from synthetics. I often suggest a root clay mask or our beauty water which offer healthy skin benefits, but don’t require any complete change or commitment from what you are doing now. The last thing to mention about clean beauty is happiness. Taking steps to care for your skin in the healthiest way possible feels good and happiness is always beautiful.

And it all starts by taking one simple step!