Themes for a Great Year


It was a word that weaved itself into our minds and our lives throughout 2017. From the personal to the political, we never knew what would happen next.

Launching Audre Leigh was like giving birth and discovering that the thing that breathed life into your world could completely suck the air out of it at the same time. Like with any new born, we didn’t get much sleep, but we were proud as punch of this thing we made. Looking back, we are still in awe, as we hunker down for what lays ahead.

But first, let’s reminisce

We spent most of 2017 defining and designing Audre Leigh. I was once told that design is intrinsic to everything human-made — and never did I understand that more than after this year. Designing everything from our new logo, website, packaging, branding and every one of our products is — well — exhausting. And sometimes, the last minute changes that we made were what made the difference — but it took us going through every iteration in between to get there.


I’ve never been so tired of making them. Running your own company is a constant stream of decision-making. Right before our launch party, I recall standing in the large empty room while everyone else made decisions about tables, layout and decor as I was just too numb to make choices anymore. The weight of always trying to make the right one is the great burden, as of course there is never just one right decision, but when you are in the thick of it, its hard to have that kind of perspective.


It got lost often-times because I sunk deep into the world of clean beauty, researching with every free minute I could muster, testing, discussing, thinking of nothing but Audre Leigh and what it was and what it could be. I was all in, but it wasn’t a one-person show, and I thank all the people around me for their wonderful support of my passion.


I found out there are never enough thank you’s that can be said. And I feel so much appreciation for the people who surround and support me — to the people who so generously took time out of their busy lives to help out, to the people who sent us a note to tell us how much they love their Audre Leigh products. Each of these words and actions have been like an energy drink, refreshing and focusing me.

New Perspectives

And, in these final days of the year, through tough decisions and gaining new perspectives, I am grateful for the feeling that has washed over me in a wave that has shown me what it is all about — the creation of quality, conscientious products that we have thrown our hearts into to make people feel clean and beautiful. Happiness is indeed beautiful.

Here’s to a new year filled with happiness and beauty to all our Audre Leigh lovers!